Tuesday, March 6, 2018

LoveZila- Killer Tips to Look Great

Try Metallic Eyeliner

Start with a neutral shadow that's one or two shades lighter than your skin. Dust on the lids up to the brows. 
Line the upper lashes with a brown eye pencil. This gives you a guide to follow when you apply the gold liner on top. The brown liner will also soften the metallic effect. 
Apply gold pencil liner. Choose a shimmery yellow gold; it will flatter most skin tones. "Stay away from formulations with chunky glitter particles, which often appear too sparkly," says New York City makeup artist Carlo Longo. 
When the emphasis is on the eyes, wear neutral makeup on the rest of the face. "Less is more with this look," says Longo. 

Try Red Lipstick

Choose a sheer lipstick formula, which creates a more natural look than a cream or a matte does. 
Apply lip balm and allow it to sink in for a few minutes. 
Blot lips with a tissue to remove excess balm, then define and fill in with a muted red or berry pencil. Line with the side of the pencil, not the tip. 
Use a lip brush to apply a thin, even layer of lip color. "Precision is essential for this look, and using a brush prevents the color from looking sloppy," says makeup artist Carlo Longo. 
With such a bold mouth, keep the eyes simple. A bit of black mascara on the top lashes is all you need. 

Try Jewel-Toned Eye Shadow

Choose a shimmery powder shadow in a rich color, such as purple, royal blue, or emerald. Apply to each lid, from lash line to crease, with a brush. If you want to go brighter, apply another layer. 
Skip the eyeliner. With such intense pigment near the lashes, "it would make the eye seem heavy and too made-up," says Longo. 
Coat the top and bottom lashes with black mascara. It defines them, so they don't disappear against the jewel-tone shadow. 
Once again, keep the rest of the face on the bare side. Use a natural, peachy shade of blush and a nude lip gloss. 

Try Dark Nail Polish

Choose dark blue or gray with a touch of shimmer. While matte polish tends to look flat and dull after a day or two, shimmery formulations stay shinier longer. "Shimmer also makes a deep color softer and easier to pull off," says Skyy Hadley, owner of the As U Wish Nail Spa, in Hoboken, New Jersey. 
For a neat look, trim your nails short and file them flat on top with rounded edges. "An eighth of an inch over the tip of your fingertip provides enough space to show off the color," says Hadley. 
Apply a base coat, two layers of color, and a topcoat (or have a pro do it, since a tidy paint job is key to this look). Reapply a clear topcoat every two days to maintain the shine and prevent chipping. Dab over the tips to seal the edges.

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