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How to Apply Eyeliner - Killer Tips LoveZila

How to Apply Eyeliner - Killer Tips LoveZila

It's vital to know the best possible approach to apply eyeliner so it improves your eyes and doesn't look thick and untidy. This video indicates how. Eyeliner improves your eyes and your entire look. In any case, it's imperative to know how to apply it accurately, to dodge a line that is thick and muddled. This video demonstrates the easy method to apply eyeliner. 

What You Need : Dull eye pencil, sharpener, coordinating eye shadow, shadow brush, Take after These Means - Hone eye pencil. To ensure a perfect application, hone your eye pencil each time you utilize it. 

Tip: Honing your eye pencil before each utilization will help dispense with any aggregated microorganisms. Make a specked line from the external corner internal Place the pointer of your non-prevailing hand on the external corner of your upper eyelid. With the eye shut, tenderly draw the top tight. Beginning at the external corner of your upper eyelid and moving in the direction of the internal corner, utilize your pencil to draw little, light spots, as near the lashes as you can, making a thin spotted line the distance over the highest point of the lash line. 

Come to an obvious conclusion with eye shadow

Plunge a little eye shadow brush into a shadow that matches your pencil; tap off any abundance. Breadth the shading over the specked line, mixing it with the brush to obscure and mellow the dabs. Tip: An eye shadow brush has little solid abounds and an inclined tip. 

Complete with the base lash

Compass any shading that is left on your brush onto the lower cover, just beneath the lashes. Begin at the external corner of the eye and work the shadow internal toward the center of the eye, ceasing somewhat less than most of the way over the lower lash line. Eyeliner might seem daunting at first but with these easy eyeliner hacks, you'll soon be a pro. Follow these tips and tricks on how to apply eyeliner, from the perfect feline flick to alternative eyeliner looks.

Know the difference between pencil, gel and liquid

There are three main types of eyeliner:

Pencil - matte and easy to apply, this is a great eyeliner for novices. Does not spread as smoothly as gel or liquid, but mistakes can be easily blended for a smokey eye effect.
Gel - mostly come in matte effect, they apply very smoothly. Can be used for both thin and thicker lines.
Liquid - create precision lines. Most have a pen or nib to apply, like a felt tip pen. Create a very thin line but can be used for a thicker effect, too.

Easy-to-apply liquid eyeliner: connect the dots

Use this easy-to-follow guide from Maybelline on how to connect the dots and create a smooth liquid line.You can also try dashes instead of dots, as shown here at The Glossy. This technique works fantastically well with a flat edged gel eyeliner like Benefit's They're Real push-up liner.

Stamp 3 dashes along the upper lash line
Connect the dashes with small strokes
Thicken the line by sweeping over it in one stroke
You're done!

Try both soft and sharp lines

Experiment with soft and sharp lines to see what suits you best. Liquid and gel eyeliner works best for sharp lines while kohl can be blended with a smudge brush for a softer look.If you feel liquid eyeliner looks a little too harsh on your eyes and you'd like to soften the contrast between your upper and lower eyelids, try tightlining. This is the technique for drawing eyeliner beneath your upper lash line so there is no visible space between your eyelid and eyeliner line. For the full tutorial visit Beauty Lish.

You can also use tightlining for creating a more subtle look by only lining the inside of your eyelids.

Make your own gel eyeliner

Gel can be easier to apply than liquid when you want to create a very thick line. Make your own version by melting your kohl eyeliner pencil with a lighter, and applying it with a small brush.When you're applying your eyeliner, particularly liquid, avoid pulling the skin around the eye back. It's more likely to smudge. If your line isn't perfect, grab a cotton wool swab soaking in make up remover, or a petroleum jelly and tidy up any mistakes. It's far less stressful to correct a mistake rather than striving for perfection the first time.

Find the perfect eyeliner look for your eye shape

Smokey, cat eyes...there are so many different eyeliner looks, it's hard to tell what look suits you best. Identify your eye shape using this guide by Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire and learn how to create the perfect look for your peepers.

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